How To Turn Your Deck Into A Habitat

The space underneath your deck does not have to be a waste of space. Instead, put it to good use.

Did you know that the space under your deck is easy to turn into a wildlife haven? Many critters appreciate dark and damp areas. Of course, all this depends on how high your deck has been built up. A tall deck is more versatile than a much lower deck.

Before you start any deck construction, you should discuss the options with a specialist in decking. Maybe you can turn the underneath of your deck in a space where you can store garden equipment and other things that you like to keep in your garden?

The Underneath of Your Deck Makes Great Storage

By adding hard standing under your deck, it is easy to turn it into a storage area. Your deck area can quickly become the perfect way to store things away during the winter. That includes gardening tools and children’s play gear including swings and inflatable swimming pools.

If you live in a cooler part of the country, garden furniture is also easy to store under a raised deck. Invest in a couple of durable water-proof containers and you can store a variety of soft furnishings under your deck.

Creating A Wild Life Habitat Under Your Deck

When you already have other storage options for your garden equipment, you may want to consider creating an extra space for wildlife under your deck.

Many species of amphibians love damp areas. Don’t for one moment think that frogs and toads spend all of their time near water. They often appreciate damp areas where they can bury themselves and stay during the hottest months of the year. Also, bear in mind that there are species of amphibians that hibernate. Providing them with a safe space to do so away from predictors is a great way to help nature.

Can I Put Plants Under My Deck?

There is no reason why you can’t plant up the underneath of your deck. Shade-loving plants appreciate darker and cooler parts of the garden.

Another benefit of shade-loving plants is that they attract wildlife. Insects like to lay their eggs in shady areas of your garden. When you have the extra space available, it is a good idea to turn it into a habitat for insects. We often think of insects as pests. However, the vast majority of insects found in our gardens are not pests. In fact, they help to control pests and insects that can cause problems.

You can even grow flowering plants under your deck if you pick the right ones. Flowering plants will also help to attract insects and other friendly critters that will help to keep your garden pest-free. For instance, many butterflies like to lay their eggs on flowering plants. Bees will also seek them out.

The space under your deck can be a very versatile space if you only let it. Plan ahead and make sure that you make the most of the space that you have available in your garden.