What is the best time of year to install a deck or patio?

Summer and spring is the perfect time to spend quality time outdoors. From backyard BBQs to pool days, the outdoor activities are endless. One stylish way to spend time outdoors without too much planning is on your patio. The deck is usually designed with outdoor furniture and adds extra space to your living area. WIth extra outdoor space and comfortable lounge chairs, being outside this summer is easy. If you are curious about having a custom Colorado Springs deck or patio installed at your home, you may wonder when the best time to have it done is. One might think the answer would be spring, but that is not true! Winter and Autumn would be the best time to install your new addition because of lowered cost, quality service, and timely installation!

Reduced Price

Typically, patio and deck construction take a plunge during the winter and fall as it is too cold even to be thinking about an outdoor area. With this in mind, most construction or patio and deck builders have nothing to do. The price for these services drops since the work is scarce, and finding work in your area is a goldmine in the winter and fall months. Finding a good team of workers is difficult during peak season, and your porch will take forever to get done. However, if you hire a team in the winter, the price will be drastically different than peak season, and the haste to get it done will be quicker than in the spring or summer months.


You should expect better treatment from your contractors during the fall and winter months. In the winter, most businesses are trying to get a few more sales under their belt before the end of the year. With a porch, patio, and deck construction being scarce in the winter, reaching out and hiring a team to perform this task will benefit you in the long run. The professionals will work hard to ensure your deck installation is quick as no one wants to be in the cold too long. They will also offer you a better price for their services due to the season and wood prices in a general drop in the winter due to lack of projects. This way, you are receiving quality service and suitable materials at a low cost.


No one really likes being out in the cold for too long. Depending on your location, winters may be mild, or they may be extreme. Whatever the scenario, the construction workers will work quickly to get the project done so long as the weather permits. This simply means the workers are trying to get this project done quickly and correctly to secure a sale and get out of the cold! The cold may benefit the wood as it will help keep finished wood from warping, as heat promotes it to warp. The materials are sturdy, and the workers must follow the plans to install the deck or patio, and that does not take very long if you have motivated workers determined to get the job done.

Overall, hiring workers to install your deck, patio, or porch is the best choice as you will receive discounted prices, professional service, and quality materials with a quick installation. Not only will you have your porch up and ready before the summer months, but it will also be done for a lower price, and the process will be much quicker. A lot of time in the summer, this type of work is widespread, and workers are spread thin, resulting in a late installation with barely enough time to enjoy it before winter comes again. Make the best move for your summer and install your porch, deck, or patio in the fall or winter, so you’ll have it ready in time to enjoy the whole summer!