What Is The Best Outdoor Fireplace?

If you’re looking to purchase an outdoor fireplace, then this guide will help you choose from the best that 2021 has to offer. Depending on exactly what you are looking for in a fireplace, one of these will be sure to meet your needs.

Uniflame Outdoor Steel Fireplace w/Chimney

This is chosen as the absolute best of the outdoor fireplaces for many reasons. It comes in a basic style and is really simple to set up. The fire bowl itself can fit up to five logs in it to be a roaring, beautiful fire. Since it has a chimney on it, it will direct ash and smoke upward instead of in your face. A cooking grill is included for you to enjoy those hotdogs and burgers. Clean up is easy. Simply pull out the ash receiver and dump it after it cools off.

Canora Quillen Stell Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplace

This is an extra-large fireplace that stands at six and a half feet wide. It has a large fire bowl with built-in storage for your logs, sideboards that you can decorate and it’s simple to put together. It requires at least a five-foot clearance from the back and the sides. Included with the fireplace are a spark screen, a log grate, and a fire poker. As this fireplace is larger, make sure you have adequate space for it before ordering.

Cal Flame Forty – Eight Inch Propane Outdoor Gas Fireplace

This fireplace starts at the push of a simple button instead of having to worry about getting a fire built in a wood fireplace. It has a 5500 BTU burner and includes lave rocks and a set of fire logs. The stucco finish is gorgeous, just make sure that you install it on lever ground. Before ordering, remember that this unit weighs in at 550 pounds. It comes with a converter so you can use propane or natural gas.

Living Accents Old World Wood Steel Outdoor Fireplace

This is such a beautiful fireplace looking like an old-time lantern. It’s the perfect size for a smaller backyard or patio. The 360-degree range allows the fire to be felt no matter which side of the fireplace you’re standing on. Included is a mesh spark guard and fire poker.

Pavestone Rumble Stone Outdoor Fireplace Kit

This outdoor fireplace includes five pallets of stone blocks, the chimney, 24 tubes of polyurethane adhesive, a log grate, and a firebox. Assembling this fireplace is sort of like building with Lego blocks. Wherever you choose to build this fireplace, make sure it’s exactly where you want it. This one takes a lot of assembly so if you’re unsure at all about doing it yourself, you might want to hire a professional.

Wrought Studio Dewolf Steel Wood – Burning Fireplace

This fireplace is best used for custom wood decks. It’s made of twelve-gauge steel and is perfect for warming up your desk. Make sure that if you’re using it on a wood deck, you have a barrier that is non – flammable between the fireplace and the deck. Thin concrete patio0 blocks would be great for this. This unit does not come with a spark screen and it does get extremely hot to the touch so make sure to be careful. It only weighs in at 100 pounds which makes it pretty easy to move around.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to make your choice in an outdoor fireplace! Enjoy the warmth, whichever you choose.