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Under Deck Ceilings In Colorado Springs, CO

Everyone loves a beautiful deck outside the house. It’s a place for relaxation, enjoyment of nature, and gatherings with friends and family. Your deck is a little heavenly place away from the chores and jobs where you can reset and revive. Your deck square footage can be doubled when you cover the underside of the deck over the patio space below it. There are some really creative and efficient ways to add valuable outdoor living spaces to your home by installing an under deck for your deck.

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Experience The Comfort Of A Covered Under Deck

At Creative Outdoor Living, we focus on creating beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces custom built to your specifications. Our mission is to help you get the most out of your life while enjoying everything nature has to offer right from the comfort of your own home. Our years of experience coupled with our expert use of materials and equipment make us the #1 choice for deck ceiling installation in the Colorado Springs area.

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Affordable Under Deck Installation

When you have a raised deck installed, the underside below can be affected by rain, fallen leaves, snow, and more. Installing an under deck can help in a variety of ways. It keeps weather from affecting your deck by protecting the underside from rot, mold, and warping. Coupled with the installation of drains and gutters, it allows you to have ceiling fans, lighting, and other electrical systems under the deck.

Installing an under-deck component to your deck really does add value to the deck itself and your home. It is attractive and affordable as well. It also contributes to the curb appeal and functionality of your outdoor space. Your upper deck can be used for sunning and enjoying your BBQ center, while your under deck can be used for a hot tub or dining while being protected from the elements. An under deck is an excellent way to extend the use of your outdoor spaces while keeping your deck as low maintenance as possible.

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Under Deck Drainage

Most wooden decks are subject to rot, mold, and the accumulation of damaging debris buildup. When you install proper drains and gutters along with your under decking, some of this can be significantly reduced or eliminated. By installing drains and gutters along with your under decking, we can essentially keep your deck, under deck, and patio underneath protected from the effects of excess weather such as rain, high wind, debris, snow buildup, hail, and excess heat from the sun.

It is still recommended to have your under deck inspected periodically to ensure that debris is not building up and causing those ill-effects such as rot and mold. However, with proper maintenance, your deck and under deck can protect your property from damage when installed properly. A licensed, professional contractor can ensure that your under deck is perfectly installed every time.

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Under Deck Ceiling Systems

With the installation of removable panels made by Magnolia or Trex, your deck can be stronger and more resistant to the ever-changing climate. The composite panels allow each individual piece to be replaced if needed so that your entire under deck does not have to be repaired in case of damage. These functional panels are pressure treated to repel water and excess sun as well. Using a low powered ventilation system in conjunction with the drainage system keeps your under deck system from needing constant maintenance as well.

When each panel can be removed, lighting and fan electrical systems can be installed and repaired easily and for little cost to you as needed. This is a huge improvement from the previous styles in that it can cost a pretty penny to remove and reinstall new under decking every time there is a problem. It is possible with the proper installation of both the drainage and ventilation systems that many installations will not need any maintenance at all.

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Get A Beautiful & Functional Deck Ceiling

Though installing under deck components on your deck are an added cost to your deck, it is worth it to add valuable square footage to your outdoor living space. Since our unique and modern materials allow us to keep your home free of mold and rot, the costs are surely outweighed by the benefits. Getting a beautiful and functional deck ceiling is easy when you choose the best contractor to design and install your under deck system.

When using hardwoods and natural materials, it is even more important to consider installing an under deck to help protect your wood from the effects of flooding or pooling water and extreme temperatures. Natural wood can warp and twist over time. However, by installing a functional and fashionable under deck to your existing deck, you can minimize damage and keep your deck looking great for years into the future.

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Your Trusted Under Deck Contractors

At Creative Outdoor Living, we have the experience, equipment, and materials to design and install your custom under deck to help get the most out of your deck. Having installed hundreds of under decks, ventilation systems, and drainage systems in and around the Colorado Springs area makes us even more adept at creating outdoor living spaces that are both beautiful and functional. We are committed to offering only the highest quality materials and services, which is why we are the most trusted under deck contractors in the area.

Imagine having a deck party on a fully stable and attractive deck with an under deck. Your family can gather above while the children play down below, all while being protected from the elements. Think of all the fun and entertainment you will have when your under deck is fully installed on your patio or deck. You can trust both the contractor and process when you choose Creative Outdoor Living as your partner in under deck design. We know how thrilled you will be with the finished product. Call or email us to begin with your no-obligation consultation and quote to get started today.

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