Take a visit to one of the more fascinating tourist opportunities in the area. The Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center supports Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, and Parapan American sports. Located just West of the airport, the center offers an inside look at the lives of our country’s greatest athletes, both Olympic hopefuls and their expert trainers. These competitive athletes are selected to attend Colorado Springs OPTC for training by their respective National Governing Body.

Engaging tours of the facilities are offered regularly to the public. The different tour packages allow everything from broad overviews of the facilities and training to the most up-close and personal look into the lives of aspiring Olympians and Paralympians. This fascinating, modern complex features all the interactive media, video touch-screen displays, cutting edge athletic equipment, and the most inspiring stories of some of the greatest athletes of our time.

The Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center is responsible and capable of housing more than 500 athletes and coaches at any given time on campus. The facilities include excellent dining areas, state-of-the-art training facilities, and superior recreational facilities. Some of the facilities are also available to the public for events, and the dining hall can accommodate you to enjoy a meal with some of the finest athletes in the world. If you are inspired by our top U.S. athletes and would enjoy taking your family out for an educational day trip, this stop should be on your to-do list.