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Trex Composite Decking in Colorado Springs

Trex has been the world’s #1 decking brand since 1996 by inventing, defining, and perfecting the composite deck category with a range of low-maintenance, high performance, eco-friendly products that essentially change the way outdoor living is experienced and enjoyed. As the leader in composite decking worldwide, Trex is dedicated to constant improvement and enhancement to ensure the highest quality of performance, beauty, and reliability of their line of products. Trex is recognized year after year for their exceptional outdoor living solutions, so it is no wonder they are praised by industry experts for their innovations in decking materials.

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Custom Trex Decking in Colorado Springs by Creative Outdoor Living

Easy Installation, Innovative Design

Since 1996, Trex has been leading the pack in decking materials. Trex is weather-resistant and much more environmentally friendly than other deck building materials such as PVC and wood. Trex is 95% made of recyclable materials. There are also dozens of rich wood looking colors all with a deep wood grain, so you never have to compromise your desire for gorgeous decking when you choose Trex for your next deck installation.

We at Creative Outdoor Living have installed hundreds of decks with Trex, so we know firsthand what an amazing material and product it is. We highly recommend it to those wanting to have a low maintenance deck with a high-end look. At Creative Outdoor Living, we have years of experience working with this revolutionary material so we can advise you at every step of the installation process. Look to us to help you decide which style, color, and design work best for you both for your home style and your budget.

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Custom Trex Decking in Colorado Springs by Creative Outdoor Living
Custom Composite Decking by Creative Outdoor Living in Colorado Springs

Custom Composite Decking

Trex is made from an innovative blend of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic film so it is highly eco-friendly. The average 500-sq foot deck made from Trex is manufactured with over 140,000 plastic bags. In addition, Trex is processed in the most earth-friendly way so it is really a highly green product. And over 95% of the Trex supply vendors are based in the U.S., so this product helps to put your money into the American economy.

Trex is a custom composite decking product that surpasses all other products on the market. The manufacturing process for Trex eliminates factory waste and harmful chemicals. Trex is also highly weather resistant. And for you, that means you’ll spend far less time sanding, staining, and refurbishing your deck for years into the future. And when you are concerned about using too many non-biodegradable products in your home, Trex offers all the best in eco-friendly choices.

In fact, Trex products last 25 years with little maintenance as compared to wood. Wood tends to rot, twist, swell, and fade over the course of your deck life. It can crack or split from dryness or bug infestation. A wooden deck requires painting, staining, and sealing annually. And it also splinters easily. A Trex deck does not contribute to deforestation, so it is a clear choice for the modern age. Your Trex deck will look beautiful for years after installation with little to no change.

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Residential Trex Decking

Trex is the perfect choice for building your next deck. Trex offers a full range of products to use for your entire deck and is available in about 25 colors and grains. Every part of your deck can be made from Trex, not just the planks. Your entire deck and patio furniture can be made from Trex, which makes everything match beautifully. Trex manufactures:

Deck boards and railing
Frame wood
Stairs, Hardware, and Cladding
Outdoor Lighting, Furniture and Fire Pits
Pergolas, Fencing and Lattice

Trex is both high performance and extremely low maintenance. It is luxurious, safe, and sturdy. Trex is available in a range of colors of brown, grey, white, and beige, and is complete with gorgeous grains to look like real wood, without all the hassle of regular maintenance. Over the years, Trex has become the most popular composite wood for all kinds of decks and accessories.

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Eco-Friendly and Durable Trex Decking in Colorado Springs by Creative Outdoor Living

Eco-Friendly And Durable

When compared to pressure-treated lumber over a 25 year period, Trex decking reports that the environmental impacts of their product are far lower than wood or other composite decking materials. It will require far less maintenance as it ages and will still look gorgeous from year to year. But, most importantly, using Trex will not be nearly as impactful on the environment as real wood, PVC, or steel. Here are just some of the statistics from the Trex Company about its reduced environmental impact:

36% fewer greenhouse gas emissions
47% fewer toxic air pollutants
59% more energy use
84% less acidification
80% less water use
53% less smog use
93% less ecological toxicity
74% more public water supply use

The Trex manufacturing process also involves eliminating the use of smokestacks that contribute significantly to pollution. In addition, almost all factory runoff and refuse is recycled back into the manufacturing line. Trex, therefore, has a smaller carbon footprint than wood or PVC. It is good for the environment and for your karma if you are concerned about how your deck affects both! Trex is the smartest way to go when installing your custom deck.

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Eco-Friendly and Durable Trex Decking in Colorado Springs by Creative Outdoor Living
Low Maintenance Trex Decking in Colorado Springs by Creative Outdoor Living

Experience Low-Maintenance Trex Decking

Trex is the most innovative and unique decking material on the planet. It won’t fade, split or crack. It is rot-resistant, bug resistant, and splinter-free. It can also be cleaned easily with soap and water, rather than glossy chemical no-water cleaners. It stands up to weather and time for many decades.

Though it is a bit more expensive than real wood or PVC, the benefits of Trex far outweigh the costs. Imagine your weekends free of deck maintenance projects like you’ve had in the past. That adds up to a savings of both time and money, as well as eliminating the use of harmful chemicals to clean, stain, and seal your deck annually.

Creative Outdoor Living offers all Trex products available from Trex. And we are experts at installing this innovative material. From your decking to your outdoor kitchen, your entire outdoor living spaces can be custom designed and installed with one of the best products on the market. For extra convenience, try paring Trex decking with Underdeck. Call us today for your no-obligation consultation and quote.

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