Things you should never do to your deck

The Wonders of Owning a Deck

Deck ownership can be a wonderful thing. If you install a sturdy and visually appealing deck in your outdoor space, then you can reap all sorts of rewards. The addition of a deck can rapidly boost the value of your residential property, first of all. It can make your outdoor space look a lot more welcoming. It can provide you with invaluable space for entertaining your family members and friends in times of higher temperatures. It can even give you extra space for the storage of garden supplies, recreational activity equipment pieces, and more. If you want to keep your Colorado Springs deck in tiptop condition, then you should make a point to treat it properly at all times. It can help you substantially to learn about the various things that you should avoid doing to your deck no matter what.


Resist the urge to sand your deck at all costs. Sanding is a process that establishes a surface that’s nice, soft, and even. If a surface epitomizes these qualities, then it won’t be able to secure paint or staining at all. It’s particularly critical to refrain from sanding a deck with the assistance of any orbital sanders. If you’re searching high and low for sanding replacements, you don’t have to panic. All you have to do is refrain from putting on stains and paints that may eventually chip off and call for sanding work. Make a point to invest in a first-rate stain that isn’t vulnerable to peeling action. If a stain is a part of this category, then it won’t demand any sanding work at all with the passing of time.

Use of Fire Pits

People adore fire pits for many diverse reasons. They offer entertainment, can serve as fantastic food preparation devices, and can strengthen atmospheres. Although there is no doubting that fire pits can be lovely additions to outdoor spaces, they in no way, shape, or formwork well alongside decks. You should resist the temptation to ever put a fire pit anywhere on your deck. That’s because it can make your deck a lot more vulnerable to the development of dangerous fires. Note, too, that fire pits are often banned from decks for safety purposes. If a fire pit has the ability to burn wood that is authentic, then it may not even be permitted for deck use in the first place.

Bleach Cleaning

Bleach is a substance that’s a favorite in the cleaning realm, and with strong reasoning. Although bleach is used for all sorts of cleaning purposes, it doesn’t combine well with decks in any sense. Why exactly is it problematic for decks? Bleach can trigger issues such as discoloration. It can even bring on the emergence of conspicuous streaks that are unsightly. Don’t forget that it can also do a number on any and all gorgeous plants that may be in the vicinity. Research the many possible cleaning substances out there that won’t harm your deck.