A Few Words From Our Happy Customers


There just are not enough words to express how happy we are with our new deck that is now one year old. How fast time flies.

We remember well the first discussions we had on what we wanted. Before we met we had worked with several other companies on concepts and were totally frustrated. No one seemed to hear us when we told them what we wanted.

Then we found out about you. In our first conversations, you immediately seemed to be inside our minds, understood instantly what we wanted, and stated that it was important that as we designed our project that it should take the design of our home into strong consideration. You were right on target. We can’t tell you how many times we have appreciated that what we have now fully complied with that requirement.

I think we will always remember the days that you, and your men, tore down our old deck, fixed problem areas that had been with us for years, adjusted to our new thoughts with even better suggestions, added a roof that would let us use the deck shielded from the summer sun, added decking that extended to our front porch, added a cement walk and patio and made sure that all of your work was fully finished to include complete cleanup.

We have used our new deck this past year more than we have the past 20 years. It’s just amazing. We now look for reasons to be there. And when we are there we are always thrilled with the quality of your work. We have asked ourselves many times why we didn’t build a new deck sooner. We think the answer to that is that we hadn’t met Patrick Harr then.

The bottom line to this letter is that we couldn’t be happier with what you made possible for us. Whenever the subject of new decks comes up with our friends we always talk about you and your capabilities. You’re the Best.

Thank you so much,

Nancy and Bill Ball