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Custom Installation Of Sunrooms In Colorado Springs, CO

A sunroom is an excellent way to add valuable square footage to any home. Whether by enclosing a porch or extending your home, sunroom installation gives you the extra space you need for myriad functions. Depending on whether you want to use it for just the warmer months or for use all year round, a sunroom can be a useful place to share with family and friends.

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Sunrooms Colorado Springs

Maximize Space For Minimum Cost

At Creative Outdoor Living, we have hundreds of sunrooms installation for our clients. We can assess your current spaces to recommend the best place, style, and techniques for enclosing a room such as a porch for use as a sunroom. Our expert design team will give you advice and offer suggestions that will maximize your square footage to give you more room, more options, and more space than you ever imagined.

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Colorado Sunrooms
Multi Season Sunrooms

Multi-Season Sunrooms in Colorado Springs

A multi-season sunroom is one where the glass is tempered and insulated as well as the floor so that it can be used all year round. A sunroom gives you the space to see the views of your yard, offers quiet space for relaxation, and a place for greenery or for your grandkids. A sunroom installation brings light, view, and joy into your life! There are many things that a sunroom can be used for, so we are going to go over a few ideas for you.

Sunrooms installation make great spa or gardening rooms for hot tubs or plants. They also make perfect gyms by adding your elliptical, Stairmaster, treadmill, weight bench, yoga mats, or meditation cushions. The passive solar heat from the large windows adds light and warmth to the room, which makes for a great place to soak, grow plants, or exercise. And adding the windows all around offers beautiful views for anyone enjoying the room.

A sunroom in Colorado Springs also makes for a wonderful kids playroom or adult game room. You can outfit it with games, a game table, pool table, or playpens for tiny tots. A sunroom can be an excellent space for a breakfast nook, a reading room, or an office. Adding shades or blinds inside can make it easily converted into a spare bedroom as well. Putting a murphy bed into the wall makes it easily convertible for multiple functions so that it can be used for an office by day and easily transformed into an extra bedroom for relatives or friends.

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Unlimited Design Options To Match Every Home

Using a variety of styles and materials, a sunroom in Colorado Springs can complement your existing home style. The windows can be made from tempered glass and be either wood-trimmed or vinyl. They can also be made to open with screens to bring the breeze into the home during the warmer months of the year. Flooring can be made from stone, tile, vinyl, or wood to accommodate any style, material, and color. It can have some drywall space and lots of windows to allow for natural light to enter the home.

Adding a sunroom in Colorado Springs can add about 200-500 extra feet onto any standard home. Larger or smaller ones will give you just what you need to expand your home footprint with helpful space. Imagine an L-shaped couch, a game table, a hot tub, or a day bed adorning your sunroom so that you can relax and rest in both sun and shade in the warmth of your sunroom all year round. A sunroom is a perfect way to maximize the space of your home.

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Patio Sunrooms

Patio Sunrooms

The most common home renovation is to turn an existing porch, patio, or garage into a sunroom in Colorado Springs. This is an easy way to enclose a patio or porch to be more usable throughout the year. It really adds valuable square footage to your home. And it can be more affordable than just adding a sunroom onto a home because presumably, it has a foundation of sorts upon which it is built.

Patio sunrooms are becoming more and more popular with ever-changing climate making our weather systems more unpredictable. Also, with the snow and colder temperatures that sometimes keep Colorado too cold for hanging outside in the weather, enclosing a sunroom offers the space to relax and retreat with friends and family while still being in the safety and warmth of your home.

The only downsides of sunrooms installation are that increasing your square footage could increase your property taxes, add to the cost of home insurance, add utility costs to your home, or reduce privacy if blinds are not installed. But the benefits of a sunroom far outweigh the costs. And a sunroom in Colorado Springs is much less expensive to add than renovating your existing rooms in your home to get that extra space.

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Sunroom Installation
Custom Sunroom Addition

Experience a Custom Sunroom Addition

Imagine coming home for the weekend to your new sunroom in any season. The warm room welcomes you to sit down, have some hot tea, rest, meditate, exercise, or play with the kids. Having a sunroom in Colorado Springs gets the family together and out of the kitchen while you prepare some dinner. You have the chance to stare out at the mountains right from the comfort of your home.

A sunroom in Colorado Springs brings nature into your view unlike any other type of home renovation. It adds square footage, offers convertible space for your family, and brings the sun and warmth into the home. It adds light to your house that permeates your entire home. In every respect, a sunroom installation is additive to your quality of life when installed by an exceptional contractor such as Creative Outdoor Living.

Let us at Creative Outdoor Living show you all the options. We’ll visit your home and give you some good advice on how to maximize space in your home by adding a sunroom in Colorado Springs. Whether you want a new room added onto the house or you want to convert a patio, porch, deck, or garage into a sunroom, we have the experience, techniques, equipment, and passion for helping you to create the kind of space that exceeds your expectations and dreams.

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