Transform your home into a maintenance free paradise

Creative Outdoor Living starts by looking at every portion of the exterior of the home rather than just the traditional stucco over siding which only accounts for part of the maintenance on your Colorado Springs home. 

In the process of completing the traditional stucco over siding, we also wrap all the soffits, fascia, and door jams with a thin powder coated aluminum.  We also change out the gutters with powder coated aluminum as well.  This allows for a true maintenance free house.

We can also beautify the home by adding some stone accents in key places.  The use of stone always enhances the curb appeal and therefore adds tremendous value to your home.

Creative Outdoor Living offers the traditional stucco facade which is the only siding product in our opinion that lasts the test of time and is affordable.  Steel, aluminum, and vinyl siding are all susceptible to damage from our frequent hailstorms and intense UV’s, and hardboard or cement siding still needs to be painted over time and is very costly to install.

Doesn’t stucco crack? – Yes, most cracks that you see in stucco are created by our region’s intense wind hitting large walls and flexing them,  but the system that Creative Outdoor Living executes during installation allows only hairline cracks to occur which are extremely difficult for the naked eye to see. 

What’s the difference between traditional stucco and acrylic? – Traditional stucco is colored cement.  We can thank the Romans over 2000 years ago for inventing it, and you can still see their work today.  Acrylic stucco is essentially plastic, which will not stand the test of time.  When acrylic first came out, it was supposed to have put an end to traditional stucco because of its flexibility and ease of install.  What really happened though, was that those of us that give longer than a 1-year warranty soon discovered that acrylic just delayed the cracking for a year or two.  It’s a myth that acrylic doesn’t crack. 

Why wrap the soffit and fascia while performing stucco? – It costs less to do the wrapping during the stucco process.  We utilize the same scaffolding the stucco crew uses to do the wrap, therefore it saves time.

Can you hide all the wires stapled to the side of my house? – Yes, most of the cable and phone lines are all thin enough to bury within the stucco.  Large items such as electrical conduits and gas lines are more of a challenge and can’t always be hidden.