Pergolas In Colorado Springs, CO

A pergola is a structure that is similar to a patio cover in that it has walls, a roof, and support beams. However, it is a bit different in many ways. It is generally made with lattice on the sides and roof so that it is not intended as much for protection from the elements as the main purpose. It is more of a decorative patio cover used to define a seating area, cover a walkway, or acting as an eave off a back or side door.

Custom Backyard Comforts

A pergola is a wonderful addition to any patio or deck and can be either permanently affixed or removable. The lattice used to make a pergola is excellent for letting some sun and breeze into a defined space. Vines can also be trained to grow both up the posts and on the roof to create a natural design offering shade and beauty. At Creative Outdoor Living, we have installed hundreds of pergolas in the Colorado Springs area, so we know just how lovely they can be when added to a patio or deck space.

Pergolas For Every Patio And Deck

Whether you already have a patio or deck or wish to install a new one for your backyard entertainment area, we at Creative Outdoor Living can offer you many options from which to choose when planning your outdoor living spaces. A pergola can be made in many different materials ranging from hardwood, cedar, fine wood in any color, and metal. It can be made to match or complement your home style in either traditional or modern styles.

A pergola can be fashioned to be freestanding away from buildings, or affixed to your house just like a projecting eave or canopy. Pergolas are great in areas of the country that have lots of sun such as Colorado because they offer a bit of shade and shelter from the elements without being completely closed. They are really the best of all worlds because they can be closed using a pergola cover for the roof or left open with vines to allow for some sun and breeze to flow.

Easy Walkway Pergola Installation

A pergola is a perfect way to cover a walkway from the house to the garage or from the yard to the back patio. It serves to define certain areas, provide a bit of coverage from the elements, and it adds a visual boost to give some dimension to your yard. A pergola can be made to look similar to your home or accent your garden beds or patio furniture. Installing a walkway pergola is easy and fast to put up in any yard or home area.

A walkway pergola can protect a bit from sun, wind, rain, and snow, especially when covered with a pergola roof that is either solid or latticed with vines. A pergola is very low-maintenance, needing no snow shoveling from the roof. It can be made out of very sturdy wood so that it does not sway in high wind.

Affordable Pergola Installation

A pergola is one of the most affordable types of patio or deck covers. Unlike a permanent patio cover with a roof and full sides, pergola installation is quite simple and easy. The labor charge and amount of materials are quite small since it can be made open on all sides and the top is made of a lattice. The overall cost of a pergola is comparable to a canvas canopy but is much more aesthetically pleasing, adding more value to your home.

At Creative Outdoor Living, we have all the experience, knowledge, and tools to create the perfect pergola for your patio exactly to your specification. Once we visit your outdoor space to be improved, we can give you all the options, show you some of our previous work, and make suggestions on the location, design, size, and shape of any type of pergola you may desire.

The Many Benefits Of A Pergola

Pergolas offer many benefits. Firstly, they are aesthetically lovely to look at so they add curb appeal to any area around your home. They are also very affordable to install compared to other types of patio covers that require permanent roofs to be added. And because they are usually affixed to the floor of the deck, poured into concrete stems of the patio, or affixed to the side of the house, they are extremely safe, secure, and sturdy. Keep in mind that it’s not recommended to put a pergola over a fire pit.

A pergola extends the living space of any home, adding valuable square footage onto the usable area of your home. And they change the look of the area to add dimension and depth to any yard. A pergola also encourages the plant life you use to cover it, bringing a natural, fresh aspect to your yard. They add privacy to your spa or seating area. And they do add a bit of protection from the elements as well.

Get A Custom-Built Pergola Today

Creative Outdoor Living is the expert in designing and installing beautiful pergolas for our clients in Colorado Springs, CO. We’ve literally designed so many styles and have many of them featured on our photo gallery for you to peruse. From natural wood to metal, we can make a pergola that fits your style, home look, and budget.

Contact Creative Outdoor Living today for a no-obligation quote on how you can include a pergola for a walkway, or into the design of a deck or patio in your side or back yard. Our design team will visit your home and offer advice on the best size, shape, and materials to use for the perfect patio pergola. No matter what your style may be, we at Creative Outdoor Living have you covered! Call on us to make your outdoor areas look like you are on vacation staying at a high-end AirBnb or hotel. For a small cost, your home will feel like a resort when you hang out under your pergola.