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Patio Covers In Colorado Springs, CO

Your outdoor living spaces can truly extend the living area of your home into the yard to enjoy for many months of the year. That is particularly true when you choose to have a patio covers in Colorado Springs installed over your outdoor patio. A custom patio enclosures, canopy, or awning, also protects the patio from the weather, making it more resistant to damage due to snow, ice, and sun. It also adds curb appeal to your home look.

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Patio Covers Colorado Springs

Experience The Comfort Of A Shaded Patio

At Creative Outdoor Living, we recognize that your patio represents a valuable amount of square footage that is added to your home. Over the years having installed hundreds of patio covers in Colorado Springs for our clients, we know firsthand that a custom patio enclosure can save money on your electric bill. It also provides a safe place outside to spend time for more months of the years because it keeps ice and snow from piling up next to the back door.

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Patio Covers Colorado
Patio Awnings

Low-Maintenance Patio Awnings

A low-maintenance patio awning can either be affixed to the building for permanence or retractable for convertibility. A patio awning can either be soft or firm canvas or more solid with fiberglass and PVC posts. It can be quite ornate or very simple and made in any color or style to complement your house style. Patio awnings increase the style and value of your home as well.

Patio awnings are very practical. They require very little maintenance, especially when made of more durable materials. A retractable patio awning gives you the best of all worlds so that you can remove it when desired. It helps to define a seating area or BBQ space, encourages you to stay outside in all kinds of weather, and is so affordable to install. They are more expensive than canopies, but also very cost-effective.

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Custom-Built Patio Roofs

At Creative Outdoor Living, we have dozens of designs for you to review before you decide on a style, color, size, or shape for your custom patio enclosure. For a permanent look, a custom-built patio roof is a good choice. The only real drawback to having a patio roof installed is that it is more permanent so you would not be able to expose the area to sun if you wanted to for any reason. A custom-built patio roof will be better than a canopy or awning in many ways.

A custom patio roof would be better affixed to the home structure for security and safety. It would also provide more coverage from the weather for you and your guests. A custom-built patio roof would also be stronger to withstand high wind and rain. It would not be retractable or removable. Nor would it need to be maintained nearly as much as a non-permanent structure such as a canopy or awning. A custom-built patio roof can be quite affordable, but more expensive than the other options.

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Patio Shade Structures

Alternative Patio Shade Structures

There are so many styles of alternative patio shade structures from which to choose. From canvas to metal to wood to roof tile, you can literally decide all the features that are important to you and a custom-built patio cover can be made to fulfill your every need. There is no limit to the types, styles, colors, materials, and sizes we can offer. Once we show you all the options, you can make informed decisions.

Perhaps you want to install a backyard patio covers in Colorado Springs to protect your hot tub, but you want to be able to expose the hot tub during the summer seasons. In that case, a retractable cover in a variety of materials could be erected. Maybe you would love a see-through fiberglass top and wooden posts as a place for plants needing partial sun. Or maybe you’d prefer a modern, sleek, metal post and beam structure with a permanent roof, which could be insulated to retain heat. If you can imagine it, we at Creative Outdoor Living can build it for you.

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Custom Patios in Colorado Springs CO
Patio Covers

Your Trusted Contractors of Patio Covers in Colorado Springs

When you want someone to build you a custom patio enclosure but you really don’t know all the options, you can trust us at Creative Outdoor Living to give you great advice. We can come to your home and offer a no-obligation quote and give you all the pros and cons of each choice. We will assess your needs based on a variety of factors.

Firstly, we will look at your home style and suggest options that compliment your home. We will also listen to your needs to find out how you use your patio most and what will be placed there such as a hot tub, BBQ, furniture, or open space. We can also determine the perfect style whether canopy, awning, or roofed patio cover or pergola to help you decide what might work best. Lastly, we will look at your budget to see which option can accommodate it.

Contact us today to help you turn your patio area into a place of refuge from the elements with a custom patio enclosure that will last. Whether for recreation, reading, dining, seating, hot tub, or BBQ area, a patio cover can really define your entertaining space and offer that extra square footage you need to live life to the fullest. Pull up a chair and sit in the shade or sun with your newly designed patio cover when you choose Creative Outdoor Living as your patio cover contractors.

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There’s nothing worse than having a deck and not being able to use it as much as you’d like to. Colorado brings intense heat during the Summer and substantial snow during the winter. A patio cover could very well solve this problem for you. Some of the many benefits of patio covers in Colorado Springs include:

  • Increased Home Value
  • Extra Shade
  • Reduced Electric Bill
  • Clean Patio
  • Increased Privacy

We have served Colorado Springs and surrounding areas since 2008 and are proud to call COS home! Our team of experienced patio cover in Colorado Springs contractors serves El Paso and Teller counties, including:

  • Colorado Springs
  • Manitou Springs
  • Monument
  • Castle Rock
  • Woodland Park
  • Cripple Creek
  • Divide
  • And More!