Outdoor Kitchens In Colorado Springs, CO

Cooking in your own home can be a lovely experience. You have all the amenities, appliances, counter space, and room to move around to be able to prepare your meals and easily clean up afterward. From dinners for two for you and your spouse to family suppers with the kids to dinner parties with your extended family or group of friends, cooking at home can be a time for fellowship and fun for all to enjoy.

Bring Your Cooking To The Outdoors

However, on beautiful days during the year especially, you would really prefer to spend your weekends basking in the sun, playing in the yard, and entertaining your friends on the patio. Having to cook, clean, and serve all your meals indoors really cuts into your valuable time in the natural environment of your backyard. And when you have a large party, your home can feel too small to really accommodate everyone comfortably.

An outdoor kitchen can solve all of these problems at once and give you the freedom to spend your quality free time outside while still providing excellent meals for your family and friends. At Creative Outdoor Living, we excel at designing and installing the perfect outdoor kitchen so that you can have the best of both worlds all year round especially with the addition of a sunroom. Having installed hundreds of outdoor kitchens for our clients over the years, we have seen firsthand what a huge boon to quality of life that can be had by those that invest in one for cooking, serving, and entertaining.

Outdoor Kitchen Islands

A modern, custom outdoor kitchen can be designed with all of the fixtures and amenities that one might find in an indoor kitchen. At Creative Outdoor Living, we start our designs with the key feature of an outdoor kitchen island, which becomes the foundational centerpiece of the design. An island can provide cutting space for prepping, counter space for seating, and can contain all the modern appliances one might expect to find in any outdoor kitchen.

Your backyard kitchen island should be big enough to serve the number of people you’d like to invite to your parties. With places to set out food, space for all the appliances and sink, your new island will be a focal point for the patio and yard alike. Crowd some bars stools around for a causal family burger meal, or leave it open for cocktailing and finger foods for your next family and friend picnic.

Easy Grilling With An Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most useful appliances to have in an outdoor kitchen is the built-in gas or electric grill. For those outdoor summer BBQs, any outdoor kitchen would not be complete without one. Grilling outdoors makes a party festive and easy to serve. There are so many benefits to having a surface for grilling your food in the great outdoors, right in your own backyard.

Grilling can be hot and smoky to do. Keeping those fumes and grease out of the house can be so helpful in keeping your home clean. And grilled food can be very healthy, juicy, and flavorful as well as more nutritious as compared to stir-fried foods. Imagine spending your weekends serving up freshly grilled fish and veggies from your outdoor kitchen grill for your neighbors and friends.

Modern Appliances For Every Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor custom kitchen can be equipped with the very best in appliances to fulfill every cooking and cleaning need as well. From a sink with running water to power outlets for electrical appliances to gas or electric ovens, a well equipped outdoor kitchen can be just as easy and far more fun than your indoor kitchen. And serving a large crowd is efficient and simple when you cook outside in your custom outdoor kitchen.

When you have your custom outdoor kitchen designed and installed by experts in creative outdoor living, you can get all the things that you want to be installed from the beginning. You can choose your favorite brands and finishes, styles and colors to create a beautiful and functional, outside kitchen to enjoy for years to come. Our design team will show you all the options from which to choose so that you can custom make your outdoor kitchen to fit your style and needs.

Experience The Ease Of A Modern Outdoor Kitchen

An exterior kitchen adds valuable square footage to your home. It extends your house footprint to the acreage of your backyard. Having an outdoor kitchen makes cooking both fun and easy for small or large groups. And your weekends will be so much better when you can be outside all afternoon enjoying the elements instead of slaving away inside while your guests hang out on the patio.

Imagine the freedom of preparing a meal in your outdoor kitchen. Your fridge can be stocked with beverages and supplies. No more coolers strewn around the yard for self-service beverages. No more walking back and forth carrying heavy platters and dishes from inside to outside. No more messy food smells inside the house for hours after grilling steaks. An outdoor kitchen when custom-built to your specifications can really be life-changing in so many ways.

Get A Custom Outdoor Kitchen

When you contact Creative Outdoor Living to design and build a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen in your yard or on your patio, you will be able to get back into the game of life by spending your free time outside in nature. When you are enjoying it, you’ll feel like you are dining at a 5-star resort having a catered meal on the veranda. From intimate dinners with your spouse to homemade pizza nights with the kids, having an outdoor kitchen gives you the space and freedom to enjoy your home life to the fullest.

Your weekends and evenings will be full of the outdoors when you spend your time away from the TV set and in the privacy of your backyard. When you go back to work on Monday, you’ll feel like you just got back from vacation. Contact Creative Outdoor Living to build for you the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.