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Outdoor Fireplace Installation in Colorado Springs, CO

A backyard fireplace can be one of the best places to celebrate life with your family. When the weekend or summer break comes, one need only drive up and down the streets of the neighborhood to see kids playing in the yards, pets romping in the grass, and families gathered around the BBQ making memories to last a lifetime. Home is where the heart is and the heart of a home can be found both inside and outside the house. Creative Outdoor Living has spent nearly two decades outdoor fireplace installation in Colorado Springs and helping homeowners create spaces for enjoying the natural environment from the comfort of their homes and yards.

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Outdoor Fireplace Installation Colorado Springs

Make Your Design Ideas Reality

Nothing is quite like the look and feel of the light and warmth of a fire during any season of the year. Back in the 1970s before fire restrictions were so prevalent, beach and lake communities would gather on the shores and in the woods around the campfires to sing, picnic, play games, and laugh together. Now, with so many restrictions on where and how you can enjoy fire in the natural world, more and more people yearn to bring the element of fire into their homes with backyard fireplaces. When installed on your own property, an outdoor fireplace installation in Colorado Springs can make you feel like you are on the best camping trip of your life, while being only a dozen steps from your own bed.

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Propane Gas Outdoor Fireplaces

Propane Gas Outdoor Fireplaces

One of the best kinds of outdoor fireplaces is a propane gas burning fire feature. A propane gas fireplace provides the safety and ease of natural gas burning, coupled with the warmth and light of a wood-burning fire for backyard fireplaces. An outdoor gas fireplace installation in Colorado Springs is simple and affordable to use and requires much less attention and maintenance than a wood-burning one. And it does that without all the smoke.

Propane burns cleanly, so there is never a strong gas smell involved. An outdoor propane fireplace can be installed on a custom deck or patio, and in the yard to meet your needs. From the smallest stove type fireplace to the largest freestanding fireplace, your outdoor propane gas fireplace can be a centerpiece of your outdoor entertainment area. By adding portable seating options, concrete or brick walls, and other unique accessories, your outdoor fireplace installation in Colorado Springs will create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests at every occasion.

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Wood Burning Gas Fireplace Installation

Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplace Installation in Colorado Springs

A wood-burning backyard fireplace brings the best of nature right to your backyard. There is nothing like the smell, feel, and color of natural wood-burning when done safely at home. A wood-burning fireplace can provide warmth and light all year round to help extend the months that can be enjoyed outdoors. Perfect for summer picnics and winter marshmallow toasting alike, a wood-burning fireplace offers a natural aesthetic to the outdoors in the comfort of your own property.

For those nature lovers that enjoy splitting wood, stoking the flames, and feeling the heat of natural wood being burned, a wood-burning outdoor fireplace installation in Colorado Springs is one of the best additions to any backyard. Using strong building materials such as brick, stone, or high-grade, heat-dissipating, modern concrete with iron and steel, an outdoor fireplace can be made to match any home décor. From open concept to stove-like with glass doors, an outdoor wood-burning fireplace can be both functional and fashionable.

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Outdoor Fireplaces of All Materials

Backyard fireplaces can be made from many types of materials. Stone varieties are very popular due to their strength and beauty. They can also be made to match stone trim or features in or around your home. Real stone such as bluestone, limestone, or rubblestone can be more expensive, but there are also beautiful stone veneers that can be added to save costs. And stone can be arranged in various stylish ways such as dry stacking to make trendy statements that compliment your home décor.

Brick makes a gorgeous fireplace. It is a material that goes well with both modern industrial looks as well as traditional architecture. It is also durable and quite low-maintenance. Bricks can be arranged in various patterns and shapes when stacked artistically. Concrete is an ideal choice for a modern gas outdoor fireplace installations in Colorado Springs’ outdoors and can be custom designed in styles ranging from Mediterranean to southwestern. And because using gas does not require a chimney, a concrete fireplace can be made into any size or shape.

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Freestanding Outdoor Fireplaces

Freestanding Outdoor Fireplaces Installation in Colorado Springs

A freestanding outdoor fireplace can be either gas or wood-burning and also available in any size or shape to meet your needs. With or without hearth or chimney, a freestanding backyard fireplace can be a focal point for your outdoor celebrations. From modern and sleek glass to rustic and chic concrete in any color, a freestanding outdoor fireplace can be installed in Colorado Springs either on a deck, patio, or in a yard.

A seating area can be strategically placed around your freestanding fireplace or it can be built-in with accessories around it such as an outdoor kitchen, bar, BBQ, or attached seating. When included in an outdoor entertainment plan, a freestanding outdoor fireplace can provide the perfect place for occasions of all kinds. Whether being used to snuggle up with a good book beside or for a huge family gathering, you’ll love the look and functionality of your freestanding outdoor fireplace installation in Colorado Springs.

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Our team at Creative Outdoor Living has a mission to bring the element of fire into your outdoor entertainment areas. From the initial consultation to the installation and maintenance, we are highly dedicated to creating the perfect spaces for you and your family to enjoy together. Staying home never felt so good as when you can have dinner together on the patio next to your custom backyard fireplace.

Extend your seasons of outdoor entertaining to all year round with a custom outdoor fireplace installation in Colorado Springs. Make every weekend feel like a trip to the spa when you bring the element of fire into your backyard. Contact Creative Outdoor Living today for a no-obligation quote for your new custom outdoor fireplace.

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