Easy Do It Yourself Landscaping Ideas

Turning your outside space into an environmentally-friendly part of your home to spend time in, is easier than you may think. Environmentally-friendly landscaping ideas are easy to create and cost-effective. On top of that, they will turn your garden into a space you will want to spend endless hours in.

Before you start, it is a good idea to decide what you would like to do in your garden. Most of us would like our gardens to be a versatile space where we can both have fun and entertain our friends. Using environmentally friendly materials and landscaping designs will turn your garden into a sustainable space for you and local critters.

How To Create A Sustainable Deck

A Colorado Springs deck is a must-have in any local garden. Most landscapers like to build a deck as close as possible to the ground. That is okay, but when you want to have a sustainable garden, it is not such a smart option. Critters such as toads, frogs, and dragonflies love damp places. The underneath of a deck is often rather damp. For amphibians, a raised deck is a dream come true. They will have somewhere to hang out in the right conditions for them no matter what the weather is doing.

Make sure that you build your deck with wood made from sustainable sources. A sustainably-sourced deck is also easy to look after and maintain. Best of all, when it starts to age, it will look even better.

Water Is A Must

When you are thinking about landscaping your garden to turn into an ecological paradise, water is the one thing you must have. It does not matter if your garden is small or large. Even the smallest water feature in your garden will help to support wildlife. A small fountain will quickly become a haven for wild birds. They will love to visit it for a drink of water and showers on a hot day.

A pond can support a variety of wildlife. Yes, it is nice to have goldfish and koi carp, but frogs can provide you with hours of entertainment. Most of the time, they appear out of nowhere. Before you know it, they have set up a home in your pond.

Plant For Everybody

Formal landscaping designs can look nice. But, when you want to turn your garden a space full of life, informal landscaping is the best way to go. An informal landscaped garden has another advantage as well. By using the right plants, you will find that it quickly becomes an outside space with something interesting to see or do all year round.

Source your plants and trees locally to make sure they fit in with the needs of local wildlife. You want to create both sunny areas and shady areas. The right plants and trees will soon have both birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects flocking to your garden.

Add some solar-powered lighting, and you will have an outside space that is both exciting and fun to spend time in. Natural landscaping is not difficult. It is the outside room that just keeps on giving.