A covered patio can be a significant investment so it is natural to wonder if it is worth it. As with most things in life it is only worthwhile if you Make use of it! If you already have an existing patio and make use of it, a covered patio might be the perfect upgrade for you. If you are unsure, here are some of the benefits on offer that might seal the deal. 

Entertaining Is A Breeze

A covered patio is a great space for entertaining. Forget the shade umbrellas that only work for half the table or become dangerous missiles as the wind picks up. Enjoying dining in a covered space that protects everyone from the elements. Stay cool in the shade, dry in the rain and warm on the windiest of days. You can customize your patio with shade screens, cafe blinds and mosquito screens. 

Upgrades can take your patio to the next level. Install an outdoor kitchen with a bar fridge and splash out on cooling fans and heaters. This lets you use your patio all year round regardless of the local climate. 

Cheaper Than An Extension

A covered patio is a great alternative to a home extension. It still provides many of the benefits but at a fraction of the cost. Increase the footprint of your home with minimal disruption. A patio is also a far more flexible space and requires fewer building approvals. For example, you can use the space as an extra playroom, an outdoor office, or even an exercise space. The possibilities are endless!

Helps Protect Your Home

A covered patio area provides protection from the elements when it shares a common wall with your home. Not only will your home will stay cooler in summer as it is protected from direct sunlight. It will also stay warmer over winter, especially if you enclose your patio with cafe blinds. This will increase insulation and drafts won’t reach your doors and windows. Another benefit is protection from destructive elements such as rain, hail and snow. 

Protect Your Furniture

 A covered patio not only protects your home but also your outdoor furniture. Protection from the sun, wind, rain and snow will keep your furniture looking good for longer. A covered area will also reduce the need for winter storage, freeing up valuable space in your garage or shed.

Increased Home Value

 Another benefit is the increases in your home’s value. With the growing popularity of the outdoors lifestyle, a covered patio is a desirable feature for many buyers. It allows you to showcase the lifestyle your home has to offer and make it stand out. However, make sure a new addition adds to your home and doesn’t detract from it. A covered patio must be pleasing to the eye not just practical!

 As you can see there are many benefits to installing a covered patio in your home. If you enjoy the outdoors lifestyle it is definitely worth installing one. Even if you are not an outdoors person it might just help you become one.