It’s so hot that it doesn’t even cool you to be on the deck? These ideas will help you keep your deck cool, even on the hottest days of the summer. Do not let high temperatures prevent you from enjoying a moment of relaxation and disconnection outside. Read on to find out how to get it.

How To Keep Your Deck Cool

Install A Nebulizer

A fogger for outdoor climatization has effects similar to the cloud of water that forms near waterfalls and water jets. Thanks to it, a very pleasant feeling of freshness is achieved since it allows you to create a microclimate on your custom deck. Using a nebulizer, you will be able to lower the room temperature by about 8 degrees Celsius. Besides, this method of cooling down does not involve excessive use of water, and its maintenance is very simple.

Refresh With Plants

Not only will they contribute to decorating and giving life to your deck, but the plants will also help you refresh the environment because they absorb heat and emit oxygen, lowering the room temperature. Among the most popular are large, green leafy plants such as ivy, vines, or aloe vera.

In addition, plants will help you purify your deck and improve air quality. Some of them are capable of removing harmful substances and pollutants present in cleaning products. What are you waiting to fill your terrace with plants?

Install Awnings, and Umbrellas

Did you know that installing an awning or umbrella can lower the temperature of your deck? It will also protect you from UVA radiation, which is especially harmful in the hot months. You can install it so that it fully or partially covers the cover, although it is best if it is foldable. In this way, you will take advantage of the night air current, which is so appreciated in summer.

Place Fans

There are days when not a leaf moves, and the heat becomes even more suffocating. In these cases, a ventilator can be a relief. It can be installed on the roof if your deck is covered, or use a standing one. Although you have to know that, if the air is hot, removing it is not going to be the solution to cool you down. The nebulizer is a better option because it lowers the ambient temperature by about 6 degrees.

Furniture Against Heat

You can get a greater feeling of freshness by using cold colors to decorate your terrace, such as green and blue. Painting the walls white will also add to that feeling. Other recommendations that you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid plastic or resin furniture as it gets quite hot and will increase the sensation of heat.
  • There are protectors for wooden furniture with a formulation that reflects infrared radiation. In this way, you will be able to significantly reduce the temperature of the furniture exposed to the sun.
  • Use cotton textiles as they are breathable and ideal for high temperatures.

Forget About The Barbecue

If you want to keep your deck cool in summer, as much as you like, avoid having a barbecue in summer, the heat from the embers will cause the room temperature to rise several degrees. If you are organizing a party, take advantage of this time to make refreshing fruit and vegetable skewers accompanied by exotic cocktails. Success will be assured, and no one will miss the barbecue.

Solar Refrigeration

Did you know that it is possible to use renewable energy to generate cold in summer? Some systems use solar energy to cool the air, taking advantage of the heat obtained by solar collectors such as conventional panels or vacuum tubes.

I hope these ideas and tips help you keep your terrace cool in summer and thus enjoy it to the fullest.