How Do You Clean A Trex Deck?

Removing Debris & Spills

Spray down your deck with a water hose. Dirt, dust, pollen, debris on the deck’s surface will flow off with rinsing. The debris that has been there for a while will need to be scrubbed. Set your nozzle to spray so you have the power you need. If you choose to use a power washer, make sure that it’s less than 3100 psi so you don’t damage your custom deck.

Mix water and dish soap. Dust and dirt will probably be in the ridges of your desk so you will need to use a bristle broom or brush to scrub with.

Use your bristle broom to scrub the entire deck, especially in the ridges. Make sure that you remove all dirt and debris because if you don’t this will end up staining your deck.

Clean your deck in this manner every six months. This will help to keep your deck from getting stained.

Things You Will Need:

  • Hose
  • Spray nozzle
  • Ammonia – free dish soap
  • Plastic bucket
  • Bristle broom or brush

Using Specialized Cleaner For Deep Stains

Try to get a composite deck cleaner that has sodium hypochlorite in it because it works better on Trex decks. Don’t use cleaners that are not specifically approved for Trex decks. Chemicals and solvents can damage and stain your deck, it can also void whatever warranty that you have.

Sweep your deck removing all surface dirt and debris. Using a regular broom for the deck and a small brush for in between the ridges.

Mix water and your cleaner in the pump spray bottle. The back of the cleaner bottle should tell you the water to cleaner ratio. If you choose to use a pressure washer, there should be a little compartment on it where the cleaner goes. Keep your pressure washer on a low setting.

Spray the cleaner all over your deck, with a sweeping motion use the broom to scrub it or the pressure washer and spray in a sweeping motion. When using a pressure washer, do not let the spray sit in one area, keep moving with it so it doesn’t damage your deck.

Allow the cleaner to sit for about 15 minutes. Make sure that you rinse your deck completely so you don’t have any streaks. You can use your pressure washer to rinse without any cleaner in it.

If you have areas that are still stained, mix cleaner and water in a bucket and use a soft brush with bristles to scrub the stain. Make sure to rinse completely after scrubbing. Keep in mind to be incredibly careful with how hard you’re scrubbing. Scrubbing too hard will wear away the deck’s surface.

What You Will Need

  • Broom
  • Composite deck cleaner
  • Pump spray bottle


Never sand your deck and never use a wire brush to clean it, this will permanently cause damage to your deck.

Do not use any corrosive chemicals like bleach or chlorine on your deck, these can stain your deck permanently.

With any use of chemical cleaners, be sure to use them as directed on the bottle and never in an enclosed area, always outside in the fresh air.