There is absolutely nothing like the sensation of kicking back on your deck with a cold drink after spending a long day at work. Most likely you didn’t think twice about that little plot of ground under your deck until one day you notice that the grass and weeds beneath your deck are so tall they seem to be supporting it.

Now you are determined to kill the grass and weeds under your deck. The question is, how do you go about doing that? Well, here are some suggestions to help you out.

1. Mow It

If it’s at all possible you should mow the area cutting down both grass and weeds. Cut the grass down to around 2 or 3 inches. If your deck is high enough then you should be able to do this without much trouble.

2. Manual Weed and Grass Control

Again, if your deck is high enough to permit it, you should pull the weeds out by crawling or walking underneath it. And, of course, keep the grass mowed weekly. In the case where your deck is lower, you should get a long-handled hoe and use it to chop the weeds down.

The only thing wrong with using this method of weed removal is that while it does a great job with annual weeds, perennial weeds can grow back from any roots remaining in the soil. So if you aren’t able to get the roots out, the weeds may come back.

3. Use an Herbicide

A chemical herbicide can kill both the grass and weeds under your deck easily enough, but the chemicals are toxic, frequently harsh, and present a hazard to you, any pets you may have that roam about outdoors, and the environment. You need to be particularly careful if you use non-selective herbicides, as they can kill all the plants and grass they have contact with, so use them extremely carefully, and only on the weeds and grass under your deck.

Glyphosate is a common choice as it kills all weeds and grass by preventing the production of essential proteins. If you prefer the natural way, you can make your own herbicide by combining liquid dish soap with distilled vinegar, water, and ordinary table salt. You can also purchase organic herbicides that contain all-natural ingredients, like salt and citrus oil, without the poisonous chemicals. Irrespective of which type of herbicide you choose, store-bought with chemicals, organic or homemade, you need to pour a fairly large amount over the grass and weeds that are under your deck. Keep in mind, however, to use caution so that none of the herbicides gets onto your flowers or lawn.

4. Use a Tarp

Since no herbicide lasts indefinitely, you will be experiencing your troubles with grass and weeds growing beneath your deck again. It wouldn’t matter if you were to cover every inch of ground in the affected area with a high-quality herbicide, grass and weeds will likely grow back in time.

To help keep the grass and weeds from coming back, use a large tarp and spread it over the ground. Tarps keep the weeds and grass from receiving the sunlight and water that they require. Lacking sunlight or water, no plant or any grass will be able to grow there.