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Custom Fire Pits In Colorado Springs, CO

One of the most enjoyable benefits of homeownership is being able to chill out with friends and family during the weekends and evenings after work. Having conversations on the patio, playing games in the yard, preparing meals on the BBQ, and throwing gatherings with friends during downtime can offer intimacy building opportunities as well as reduce stress and fatigue when you can stay home to relax. Quite often, when your family works or goes to school all week long, the best way to unwind is to take it easy at home instead of going out to dinner, to the mall, or to the movies.

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Create Your Perfect Centerpiece

One of the most affordable ways to upgrade your backyard ambiance is by adding a fire pit to your patio, custom deck, or yard. Fire provides warmth during cooler months, thusly extending the amount of time that can be spent outdoors. Fire also provides light for those fall and spring nights when the sun goes down earlier. A custom fire pit is a great centerpiece to any outdoor entertainment area that encourages long conversations, food and beverages, and a relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy.

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The Benefits of Outdoor Fire Pits

A backyard or patio fire pit creates an outdoor focal point for your solitary or family time. It can truly encourage you to get outside more often to enjoy the fresh air, the sunsets, and your home and neighborhood. A custom fire pit also adds to the resale value of your home.

Be it a gas, propane, or wood-burning fire pit, a fire feature can be used to create ambiance, to warm you and your guests, or even for roasting marshmallows during a fun kid’s sleepover or BBQ party. A custom outdoor fire pit adds dimension to any festive evening at home. It also adds a bit of glamor to the natural environment of your yard.

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Fire Pits For All Hardscapes

A fire pit can be installed into existing or new hardscapes such as stone or rock patios, wooden decks, or in grassy areas in the backyard. They can be designed to match the décor and design of your home to fit your traditional, modern, or eclectic style. A perfectly installed custom-designed fire pit can be functional, fashionable, and fabulous when added into a patio design.

No matter what your style may be, there is an ideal style of fire pit to please you. We at Creative Outdoor Design have years of experience upgrading our clients’ backyards to feel like 5-star resorts when they choose us to design and install custom fire pits. Every night will feel like you are on vacation when you relax and unwind after a day at work on your home patio with a fire pit feature to warm up on cool nights. You are sure to get more months of enjoyment out of your outdoor living when you choose to have a custom fire pit installed.

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Propane Gas Fire Pit Installation

One of the most efficient types of fire pits is one that uses propane. A propane fire pit burns cleanly, safely, is environmentally friendly, and affordable to use. By installing a gas fire pit on your patio, you can enjoy the ambiance of a fire without any of the hassle of a wood-burning fire pit. You can literally turn it on with a knob when the mood strikes you at a moment’s notice, making it simple and convenient to use anytime.

An outdoor propane fire pit also creates less mess than a wood-burning fire pit or outdoor fireplace and can be installed in places where burning wood is either discouraged or unlawful during dangerous fire seasons. Whether it may be a portable propane fire pit table, or an inset permanent rock fire pit, a propane gas fire pit is the best of all worlds when installed in your patio, deck, or outdoor porch or yard areas. You’ll love the convenience and ease of using a propane gas fire pit.

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Wood-Burning Fire Pits

When you live in an area that has no fire restrictions, and you love that fresh wood smell and feeling in your yard, a wood-burning custom fire pit might be just the perfect addition to your entertainment space outside. Using rock, stone, or a more modern steel design, a custom outdoor wood-burning fire pit can be installed either free-standing, in a tabletop design, or for an in-ground feature on your patio, deck, or yard.

There is nothing quite like the look and feel of real, natural wood when it is burned for a fire pit. While it may be less convenient than propane, it provides better warmth and light for those special evenings with friends and family. A wood-burning fire pit can be a beautiful addition to any backyard entertainment area.

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Your Expert Fire Pit Contractors

At Creative Outdoor Design, we endeavor to satisfy your every dream of a backyard that is full of ambiance and fashionable features by adding a custom fire pit designed especially for you. From functionality to safety, our mission is to create outdoor spaces that make you look forward to spending precious time with your family and friends at home. Whether you use your yard and patio for entertaining or for quiet reading and relaxing alone, a fire pit feature when installed by expert fire pit contractors such as Creative Outdoor Living can add value to your home in more ways than one.

Whether you are installing a new patio or deck, or just want to add a tabletop fire pit to your existing entertainment area, we at Creative Outdoor Living have the perfect fire pit solution for you. Your backyard will transform into a showplace for your parties and gatherings when you choose to add a fire feature to your outdoor living space. Bringing the warmth and light of the indoors to your outdoor experience can truly create a magical feeling to every evening you spend at home. Contact Creative Outdoor Living today for a no-obligation quote on how we can create the perfect place to spend time with your friends around your new outdoor custom fire pit.

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