Deck Fireplaces In Colorado Springs, CO

There is nothing quite like the feeling of sitting by a warm fire on a cool, fall evening, especially when your fireplace is outside on your deck. Being able to sit in the natural surroundings of your yard with your family near a fire is an experience that brings joy and relaxation. An outdoor fireplace on your deck offers warmth, ambiance, beauty, and light to your festivities, no matter the time of year.

A deck fireplace makes your deck feel luxurious and comfortable all at once. It makes your deck much more usable throughout the changing of the seasons as well. Creative Outdoor Living has the experience, knowledge, equipment, and expertise to create an amazing deck fireplace for your outdoor living space.

Propane Gas Deck Fireplaces

A natural gas deck fireplace is one of the most efficient ways to install a fire feature for your home deck. Natural gas offers several advantages when choosing what style of fireplace to install. Firstly, it burns extremely cleanly. Secondly, it is cost-effective to use frequently. One of the other selling points of a natural gas deck fireplace is that natural gas is easy to ignite and turn off with the click of a switch, which makes your spontaneous evenings on the deck more achievable.

Natural gas is also less messy than using wood for burning. It keeps you from having to procure, handle, chop, and prepare kindling and wood, as well as paper or log starters. Propane is the perfect choice for deck fireplaces that are in locations where frequent burning restrictions are in place for some or all of the year as well. A natural gas deck fireplace is also safer than an actual wood-burning fireplace, so for those with children or lots of wooden areas surrounding the home, it can be the best choice.

Wood-Burning Deck Fireplaces Installation

Nothing really compares to the feel, smell, and warmth of a wood-burning fireplace when installed outside on your deck. For those that truly love the look and feel of wood-burning, a wood-burning deck fireplace can be a wonderful option. In places where burning restrictions are not a factor, installing a real wood-burning deck fireplace adds light, warmth, and beauty to any outdoor living area.

A wood-burning deck fireplace can be used aesthetically or as a place to roast marshmallows with the kids. It provides great ambiance for any outdoor evening on the deck with friends and family. A natural, wood-burning deck fireplace can transform your outdoor living area into a 5-star resort. Those types of upgrades help you get the most out of your living space as they extend the seasons that you can enjoy the outdoors. A wood-burning fireplace is a huge selling feature of any home as well.

Deck Fireplaces Of All Materials

There are so many options to consider when installing either natural gas or wood-burning deck fireplace in your home. You can choose from so many styles, shapes, sizes, materials, and colors to really match the look of the feature to the rest of your home style. Options for materials include things such as stone, iron, brick, concrete, and tile. There are many colors available to choose from when installing an outdoor deck fireplace. You can also add a deck cover to keep your fireplace out of the elements.

Depending on the type of fireplace, it can be open or made with transparent, tempered glass doors for easy control. A good deck fireplace becomes a focal point for the entire yard and deck. It is a feature that adds value to your home as well as your life. You will never regret choosing to install natural gas or wood-burning fireplace on your deck. In fact, you will wish you had done it sooner.

Freestanding Deck Fireplaces

At Creative Outdoor Living, we have a wide range of styles of freestanding deck fireplaces to choose from as well. Whether you want custom built-in natural gas or wood-burning style or an off-the-shelf freestanding deck fireplace, we have a type, size, and shape that is right for you. From traditional to rustic to modern, we can suit your deck fireplace to match any home decor.

If you are not sure what type, size, color, or material works best for you, we are happy to offer our recommendations for one that will both accommodate your outdoor living vision as well as complement your home style. No matter what you prefer, installing an outdoor deck fireplace adds significant appeal to your home when or if you decide to sell it. But, the best part is that adding a fire feature on your deck creates a special space for entertaining that you’ll want to enjoy all year round.

Get The Best Deck Fireplaces Today

When you are looking for the best outdoor deck fireplace to add value and beauty to your outdoor living space, you can trust Creative Outdoor Living to provide the best materials, expert installation, and the highest quality accessories. As one of the leading certified deck contractors in Colorado Springs, we have designed and installed hundreds of outdoor fire features on decks all around the city. We make it our mission to create the most beautiful spaces so that you can get the most out of your home life.

Imagine sitting on your deck at a dinner table by a crackling fire with a group of friends on the weekend. Just imagine the kids warming up by the fire on your deck after a day of making snowmen in the yard. Visualize relaxing in a lounge chair roasting marshmallows with the family. Think about the celebrations that you could have surrounding a fire feature right from the comfort of your own private home deck. Picture yourself having a cup of tea during the winter while you stargaze by your deck fireplace. Call Creative Outdoor Living today to help you bring that vision of the best fire feature to your outdoor living experience.