Deck Design In Colorado Springs, CO

Enjoying the outdoors is an essential part of living the good life in places like Colorado Springs, CO. Many people live or move here because of their love for outdoor recreation to engage in all year round. From skiing to hiking, camping to fly-fishing, rock climbing to sightseeing, activities surrounded by nature call to the Colorado native and transplant alike. Living and working in one of the most beautiful states in the country offers its residents magical natural settings from season to season.

Get Exactly What You Want

Homeowners want to be able to enjoy the feeling of adventure even from the privacy of their backyards. From your custom deck designed and hand-built to meet your specifications, from gorgeous sunsets to family gatherings, life can truly be experienced to the fullest. At Creative Outdoor Living, we can help you bring that vision to reality by building the perfect platform to support it.

It All Starts With Deck Design

A beautiful custom home deck begins with a creative deck design plan. A deck should exceed expectations in every way from size, shape, color, style, and strength. And at Creative Outdoor Designs, we have almost two decades of experience in making all your deck dreams come true. From the first site inspection and consultation, we at Creative Outdoor Living will help you to envision what you need and want and translate that into a set of plans that will serve as the basis for your deck.

When you hire us to create the perfect backyard deck to enhance your style and quality of home life with a custom deck design, we will listen to your ideas, plan each stair and each curve with you, and develop the right design to complement both your home and your lifestyle. Using state-of-the-art technology coupled with our expert design skills, we at Creative Outdoor Living will propose a plan that works for you in every way before breaking ground on your project.

Customizable Backyard Deck Designs

The best deck design can be customized to meet your every need. From the railings to the straight runs to the curves and height, we can customize a deck that works with the topography and the landscape to perfectly complement your existing home and garden areas. A good deck should offer space for entertaining, room for play, and enough square footage for cooking, relaxing, and enjoying the view. From traditional to modern looks, we can give you the deck style for which you have always longed.

At Creative Outdoor Living, we have installed hundreds of custom decks over the years for our neighbors in Colorado Springs. We stay abreast of all the most popular trends and use only the finest materials coupled with the most skilled installation techniques to create a low maintenance deck that fits your life and home style. By offering only the best in materials and service, we guarantee that your deck not only meets your needs but will always exceed your every expectation.

Decks of Any Style

Working with so many clients over the years to bring their visions to reality has made us aware of how important outdoor living spaces can be for them and their quality of life.  At Creative Outdoor Living, we have helped design every type of deck imaginable. From small platform decks with railings to huge multi-leveled expansive creations, we have the knowledge and passion to bring any deck dream to life. There is no deck too small or large for us to expertly install for your home.

Using gorgeous materials such as specialty wood, cedar, and composite wood and Trex decking, Creative Outdoor Living can offer you the perfect style and color that matches your home. And our mission is to create decks that truly stand the test of time in every way. The goal is to make it right the first time so that it weathers well over the years while you enjoy it.

Deck Maintenance

As your deck begins to show the inevitable signs of aging from exposure to the ever-changing elements of Colorado’s weather, as well as constant foot traffic and/or heavyweight loads from your gatherings, our intention is to maintain your deck for you all year round. Using the proper structure, higher strength materials, and regular sealant will preserve your deck for years without needing further construction or intensive sanding and staining. When we install a deck, we make sure it can meet the demands of high use and extreme climate.

Not too many people want to spend their free time working on home projects. A deck should not be a weekend project for you to have to attend to with constant maintenance. Your deck should be your weekend refuge place to commune with family and friends. We at Creative Outdoor Living work on every project with that in mind. It is our goal to create a stress-free environment that is resilient from breaking down over the years so that you can always be lifted up by your deck relaxation time.

Make Your Deck Designs Reality Today

At Creative Outdoor Living, we have years of experience designing and installing the most beautiful decks in Colorado Springs . From design to maintenance, we offer only our best to each and every client. And our decks are as strong as the relationships that we hope to build with you. If you can envision it, we can build it to exceed your expectations, every time. And that is our mission.

We know that not every deck contractor is the same. Where some companies might offer the lowest bid, we never try to compete with price alone. We refuse to cut corners by sacrificing the integrity of your deck. We at Creative Outdoor Living focus on creating the longest-lasting, maintenance-free decks to offer you safety, security, and stability throughout the years so that you can rest easy in the natural landscape of your yard. Call us today and let’s get your project going now so that you can begin to reap the rewards of your perfectly installed home custom deck.