Deck Covers In Colorado Springs, CO

A deck is one of the most useful home features to be added onto a dwelling. It adds valuable square footage to the home and encourages you to get outside in the elements to enjoy your days. Whether for relaxing, dining, working, or visiting with family or friends, a deck is a central place where loved ones can gather to commune. Yet, during times of regular precipitation, it can be uncomfortable to spend too much time outside due to cold temperatures, rain, wind, snow, or high sun.

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Experience The Comfort Of A Shaded Deck

A deck cover is by far and away the best remedy to prolong the times when you can enjoy the outdoors. At Creative Outdoors designs, we are experts in designing, building, and installing some of the most functional and attractive deck covers in the Colorado Springs area. Having had years of experience in the industry, we are considered the leader in our field. No matter what style or materials you want, we have you and your deck covered.

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Affordable Deck Canopies

There are so many styles and materials to choose from when deciding on what kind of deck cover to install for your home deck. Deck covers range in price and complexity so there is always something easy, inexpensive, and quick that can be erected to fill your deck cover needs. From canvas to aluminum, wood to fiberglass, there are solutions that allow you to both protect your deck from the elements and add attractive features onto your home. You can even add a deck pergola for limited sun exposure.

Some deck covers are better than others against extreme weather. Others are more open to the elements. Some are transparent for sky gazing and others are sturdy and enclosed to allow for maximum weather protection. There are some that are more freestanding and others that can be attached to your house. No matter your budget, there is a type of deck cover that will accommodate your needs.

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Low Maintenance Deck Awnings

A deck awning is usually one of the least expensive ways to shade your deck. The excellent aspect of a deck awning is that it can be retractable, which is a huge selling feature. It allows you to easily convert your deck to function with or without a cover to allow you to change the configuration depending on the need. During rain and extreme heat, your awning can be used. During mild summer days, it can be retracted.

Having a low-maintenance retractable deck awning gives you the best of both worlds. Most of the deck awnings that are popular are also very resilient to weather as well. Ranging in materials from vinyl fabric to polyester composite to laminated fabric, you can choose the size, shape, materials, and colors that you want. It can be easily erected in a short period of time to allow you to get out on your patio by the weekend. They are easy to clean and upkeep throughout the year. A deck cover such as an awning also saves money on your electric bill as it shades your house from sun and cold throughout the year.

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Custom-Built Deck Roofs

A custom-built deck roof is more permanent than a retractable canopy or awning. However, it does offer better protection for all-weather access to your deck throughout the year. It also is somewhat more attractive as a feature that adds value to your home. A custom-built deck roof is more expensive to install than the previous two styles. It would be less convertible than a canopy or awning.

There is a wide range of materials that can be used to erect a custom-built deck roof. From wood to composite to corrugated galvanized steel to fiberglass, you can choose whatever style suits your home decor, budget, and weather. A permanent custom-built deck cover usually requires posts to be installed, so they are stronger and more resistant to extreme weather systems such as wind, hail, and snow.

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Alternative Deck Shade Structures

No matter what you might envision for your deck cover, we at Creative Outdoor Living have a solution for you that will both add value to your home and extend the life of your backyard enjoyment. We start with a plan that will fit your budget and match your home style. From there, we help you to choose the materials you like and whether you want something permanent or retractable. Once we have an idea of all of your needs, we can propose some of the best options to get you the deck cover that works best for you.

There are literally dozens of designs, styles, colors, shapes, and sizes available for your custom deck cover. You will not have to compromise your aesthetic desires for practical need fulfillment. Our expert contractors can help you decide on all the functions and features you’d like to see in a deck cover and create the perfect one that fits your lifestyle.

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Your Trusted Deck Cover Contractors

Think of us at Creative Outdoor Living as your trusted deck cover contractor. We would first want to come to your home for a no-obligation free consultation. Once we’ve discussed all the options with you and determined the best fit to suit your needs, we will offer you a quote on the project to get you going right away on your new deck cover. Most of the time, from consultation to installation, you can begin enjoying your new deck cover within weeks.

Imagine heading out the back door to your covered deck for a soak in your hot tub. Think of all of the long hours of reading on a lounger in the shade on your covered deck while the kids play in the back yard. Visualize yourself having dinner with friends on a rainy fall evening while protected under your custom deck cover. There’s no reason to spend another season without the protection and comfort you crave while enjoying your outdoor home life. Call or email us at Creative Outdoor Living today!

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