Custom Deck Contractor In Colorado Springs, CO

You buy a home so that you can be independent and empowered in your life to create a space for living that shelters, nurtures, inspires, and offers you the freedom to enjoy your time away from work with your loved ones. You purchase a home instead of renting so that you can decorate, remodel, and renovate it to be exactly as you desire without restriction. You want autonomy to build your home and your life as you see fit.

More Entertaining, Less Maintenance

Some of the most memorable experiences to be had by any family are the valuable outdoor times spent playing in the yard with the kids, gardening, and having friends over for BBQs and dinner parties on the patio or deck. A beautiful deck or patio adds valuable square footage onto your home, encourages long afternoons spent in the natural environment surrounded by your trees, flowers, grass, and the Colorado fresh air, and offers space for recreation for parties, play dates for the kids, and candlelit dinners with your spouse. And a custom deck built exactly to your specification can fulfill all the outdoor needs and wants you could ever imagine when it comes to owning and enjoying your home.

Stress-Free Deck Construction

We have made it our mission to design, build, and install the most attractive, maintenance-free decks available on the market today. Our goal is to build strong lifelong relationships along with our long-lasting, high-quality decks so that you feel you have a partner in us for life. Building it right the first time is our priority so that you can enjoy your patio from year to year while it maintains its strength and stability to support you and all of your friends well into the future.

Using high-quality materials and construction is our priority at Creative Outdoor Living. We will never compromise integrity or quality just to be the cheapest deck contractor in the business because we feel so strongly that you really do get what you pay for when it comes to the service and the work. You can trust us never to cut corners on the construction to save a few bucks or a few hours of installation time.

Experienced Deck Installation

Having years of experience in the building of a sturdy custom deck for hundreds of happy customers in the area gives us the knowledge you can trust when hiring any contractor to add the perfect outdoor space onto your home. Our expert design and installation team at Creative Outdoor Living can help you to bring your vision to fruition. We are certain that our service and skills surpass other contractors in the business, so we feel confident in saying that we consider ourselves to be experts in the art of custom deck design and installation.

Whether you want a small wrap around deck made from composite wood or a sprawling, multi-leveled custom deck made from high-end wood varieties, we can exceed your expectations every time. Your custom deck can be designed to match your style, be it modern, traditional, or eclectic. Regardless of size, shape, style, or material, we will build the custom deck of your dreams.

Custom Deck Railings

Railings for your deck are more than just decorative. There are state codes to adhere to as well as myriad styles from which to draw to build railings that are both safe and stylish. From wooden railings to modern wire and post railings, whether horizontal or vertical balusters, we can custom build your railings to be functional and attractive. If you want a heavy and thick top railing for holding beverages, or slim lines to be able to see the views of the yard or surrounding mountains, we have the perfect design in mind for you.

Using an expert understanding of proper spacing and height of posts, top rails, bottom rails, balusters, and railing caps means that your deck will be up-to-code, safe for your children, sturdy, and long-lasting both aesthetically and functionally. It is our goal to provide a maintenance-free deck by offering only the best in materials and service. The greatest deck should be enjoyed for many years without needing any work to repair or renovate it.

Custom Deck Features

At Creative Outdoor Living, our design team stays abreast of all the most popular deck features available so that we can offer you our best when designing your custom deck. From fire pits to built-in lighting, your custom deck can have amenities that make it both beautiful and functional. From built-in furniture with storage to outlets for plugging in your mobile devices, computers, or powered equipment, Creative Outdoor Living can make your custom deck a place for everything from work to play.

Creative Outdoor Living is more than just a custom deck builder. We consider ourselves to be outdoor living experts, which is why we gave ourselves the name. Your custom deck will be both beautiful and long-lasting when you work with us and most importantly, your outdoor deck design will be made especially for you to satisfy your preferences in style, materials, and amenities.

Hire The Best Deck Contractors

If you have been searching for the best custom deck builders in the Colorado Springs area, look no further than Creative Outdoor Living. Choosing a custom design will offer you all the options you could want. Using only the highest quality materials coupled with our design and installation expertise makes us the best in the business of deck building in Colorado Springs, CO.

Once you can envision all the possibilities that a custom-built deck holds for you, we guarantee that you will be thrilled with the work that we at Creative Outdoor Living can do to bring that vision to reality. Our mission is to fulfill your every dream when it comes to building the most beautiful and resilient custom deck for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. Contact us today so that you can begin transforming your outdoor living experience now!