How Do I Kill Weeds and Grass Under My Deck?

There is absolutely nothing like the sensation of kicking back on your deck with a cold drink after spending a long day at work. Most likely you didn't think twice about that little plot of ground under your deck until one day you notice that the grass and weeds beneath your deck are so tall they seem to be supporting it. Now you are determined to [...]

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Benefits of an Outdoor Fire Element

An outdoor fire element is an important feature to be considered in nailing that perfect outdoor living space. If you're still skeptical about adding a fire pit or fire element, then ponder on these benefits on why you should have that feature in your exterior living area. Benefits of an Outdoor Fire Element: 1. Improved Atmosphere The atmosphere and feel of outdoor space are important because [...]

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Are Decks and Patios the Same?

Decks and Patios Are they the same? The easy answer - No, they are not the same. If you plan to build an outdoor space to relax and entertain guests, you should know that patios and decks, though different, share some similarities and can even exist side-by-side in your landscape plan. Your outdoor design may include both. To begin planning, let's start by examining typical characteristics [...]

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What Is The Best Outdoor Fireplace?

What Is The Best Outdoor Fireplace? If you're looking to purchase an outdoor fireplace, then this guide will help you choose from the best that 2021 has to offer. Depending on exactly what you are looking for in a fireplace, one of these will be sure to meet your needs. Uniflame Outdoor Steel Fireplace w/Chimney This is chosen as the absolute best of the outdoor fireplaces [...]

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Best Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Transforming your outdoor living area to an outdoor oasis is a possibility that you can choose to embrace. The enterprise will not only provide your family an added place for relaxation, but it can also increase the curb appeal of your property. Let's bring your outdoor living lifestyle to a whole new level with these five easy steps that you can surely muster. 1. Decorative Planters [...]

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How do you make a small backyard look bigger?

As resilient as the human brain is, it can also be just as foolish. If you are unhappy with the size of your backyard, there are many different things you can do which will make your backyard look much bigger than it is. If you are unhappy with the size of any yard around your home, you can try some of the strategies discussed below: Know [...]

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