How Do You Clean A Trex Deck?

How Do You Clean A Trex Deck? Removing Debris & Spills Spray down your deck with a water hose. Dirt, dust, pollen, debris on the deck's surface will flow off with rinsing. The debris that has been there for a while will need to be scrubbed. Set your nozzle to spray so you have the power you need. If you choose to use a power washer, [...]

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How do you prepare the ground under a deck?

So you have got your plans, your permit, and all the momentum needed to build a new deck addition to your house. However, now that you have finished the planning, there is some necessary preparation that you must do before you start putting together the structure. We are talking about preparing the ground that will be directly below your deck. While this step may seem tedious, [...]

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Which is better – vinyl or composite decking?

Most homes are installing decking for their homes, to increase the outdoor space available for relaxing. One of the main considerations while installing decking is choosing the right decking material. Though traditionally wooden decking was used in properties with advances in manufacturing technology more people are using other decks like vinyl deck and composite deck. The market shares of vinyl and composite decks have increased to [...]

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What should I do under my deck?

How To Turn Your Deck Into A Habitat The space underneath your deck does not have to be a waste of space. Instead, put it to good use. Did you know that the space under your deck is easy to turn into a wildlife haven? Many critters appreciate dark and damp areas. Of course, all this depends on how high your deck has been built up. [...]

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What Is The Best Material For An Outdoor Deck?

Outdoor decks can be a great addition to a home, providing an open-air environment ideal for rest, relaxation, and recreation. They provide a very high return on investment compared to many home renovations and can be installed on almost any type of terrain. One of the most important factors to consider when installing a deck is the material of the deck itself. Implementing the incorrect deck material relative to [...]

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