Are Decks and Patios the Same

Are Decks and Patios the Same?

Is there a difference between the two? The simple explanation is that they are not the same thing.

If you want to create an outside place where you can relax and entertain visitors, you should be aware that patios and decks, while distinct in their design, have certain similarities and may even be built next to one other in your landscape design.

Both of these elements may be included into your outdoor design. Let’s begin by looking at some of the basic qualities of patios and decks to get a sense of what to expect.


Custom Patios may be constructed from a range of materials, including concrete, brick, stone, and even aggregates, to suit your needs. A basic patio may be constructed by laying a slab of concrete on the ground.

You may dress it up a little bit by wrapping a brick ribbon around the outside of the structure. Alternatives include building a basic slab and covering it fully with brick, stone or even tiling. Adding to a simple concrete design can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

Want to avoid dealing with wet concrete if at all possible? A patio can be constructed by laying bricks or concrete pavers on top of a sand base, with an outside perimeter board securing the entire structure in place.

Alternatively, flat stones made of Decomposed Granite (DG) might be used in place of the pattern. Despite its varied hues, this gravelly, sandy substance hardens smoothly on its surface when sprayed with water – and it does not generate a lot of dust.

Patio materials should be readily available for comparison and consideration at your local home improvement or patio supply store. Patio materials often sit directly on Mother Earth, which distinguishes them from deck materials as the primary distinguishing feature between the two.


Custom Decks are also closely connected to Mother Earth – however, they are often composed of wood or wood composite materials and are elevated above the ground by supports to provide additional support.

A support structure is supported beneath these posts, which allows for the creation of a level space for sitting on the decking surface. Decks can be built on posts that are one foot above the ground or on posts that are more than 10 feet above the ground.

Decks are often constructed of timber or composite materials that mimic wood. A deck is often equipped with a railing to keep visitors from slipping off the edge, and many decks include steps to get to the level deck area below.

While patios are often constructed on level ground, decks may be constructed over a variety of terrains – this allows a deck to be constructed in places where a patio would be ineffective, such as on a cliff slope.

A variety of wood and composite materials are available for use in the construction of a deck. These materials are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and durability, as well as a variety of pricing options. You will discover a wide variety of options at your local home improvement store or lumber yard.


When it comes to transforming an outside area with a bespoke deck or patio, there are a plethora of options.

Decks and patios can be erected on level ground depending on personal preference and design, however sloping terrain often necessitates the construction of a deck. Design components, your preferences, and the cost of your final design are all important factors for the final design.

Discovering the various factors that influence whether or not you should create a patio, deck, or both, and why, gives you an excellent head start on creating a better-planned place for relaxing and entertaining on your home. Hiring patio builders in Colorado Springs can elevate your project,
blending aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.