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We specialize in creating custom outdoor living spaces that fit your exact needs!
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Custom Colorado Springs Decks & Patios

We specialize in creating custom outdoor living spaces that fit your exact needs!
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Your Trusted Deck Builder In Colorado Springs

Your home is your sanctuary and place of refuge and your new deck adds valuable living space in which to take in the beauty of the natural environment all around us here in the Colorado Springs area. There is nothing quite like the look and feel of a custom deck or patio on which to enjoy living life to its fullest in one of the most beautiful states in the country. Yet, finding a Colorado Springs contractor that is both highly skilled and reputable can be quite challenging.

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Take Your Backyard To A Whole New Level

Creative Outdoor Living will expertly plan a concept that is perfect for your needs and build exceptional custom decks in the Colorado Springs area. Bringing over 18 years of design, repair, and build services for each and every client’s needs, our team at Creative Outdoor Living has a true passion for creating and installing low maintenance, gorgeous custom deck, and patio for families in the El Paso county region. When you are looking for the best deck builder, you can trust Creative Outdoor Living to create the patio refuge you desire and deserve. 

Deck Contractor Expands The Square Footage Of Your Dream Backyard

One of our core principles is to design and install the most resilient and maintenance-free deck for our clients every time. Using only the very highest quality standards in both materials and installation techniques, Creative Outdoor Livingbuilders endeavor to design and build exceptional projects that can truly stand the test of time. We guarantee our high-quality new structure will be aesthetically superior to anything found with any other Colorado construction company.

Whether made out of redwood, hardwood, or the popular and low-maintenance Trex composite decking, our decks are both beautiful and long-lasting. Because we know how busy your life can be, we focus on installing the best quality services & quickly, so that you can spend your valuable time relaxing rather than having to repair your decking annually when it suffers from the effect of extreme heat, sun, snow, and hail. When you choose Creative Outdoor Living you will be overjoyed with the results of our work and services and we will gladly help you maintain your new structure annually with our continued services plan.

Colorado Springs Deck Builder

Custom Contracting Services in Colorado Springs, CO

We specialize in designing and creating unique stamped concrete patios by using integral coloring, pouring the strongest strength concrete, and bolstering reinforcement on all our patio installations. After years of experience in installing a myriad of hardscape surfaces in yards all around the state, our design team considers colored concrete to be the highest quality and most weather resistant substance with which to create both beautiful and long-lasting patio spaces in the ever-changing climate of Colorado Springs.

With a mission for our family owned construction services to build for longevity as our primary goal, we likewise endeavor to build lifelong relationships serving Colorado springs. Our family owned business continues to expand due to the word of mouth and family referrals we get from all our happy customers. And we value and protect our reputation by offering exceptional customer services to each and every person with which we work.

Custom Patios

Combine Function and Beauty with a Custom Pergola

A pergola is a garden feature that can cover a walkway or sitting place. It is usually made from wood with an open lattice and vertical posts. A pergola can provide shade from the Colorado heat and sun and be installed over a patio, deck, hot tub, BBQ, or patio furniture space. A pergola is most definitely one of the most popular styles of custom decks and covers that customers request.

Although the primary purpose is more aesthetic than purposeful, a pergola can offer some protection from the elements. And since the design utilizes slated wood as coverage, it does not block all the sunshine and air that can easily bring a bit of warmth, light, and breeze into your covered area, making it the best of both worlds. Our construction services can design and build a unique pergola to match your desired home, patio, or custom decks.

Pergola Installation

Enjoy Your Patio While Escaping the Elements with a Patio Cover

A patio can always benefit from the installation of patio covers, which offer shade from the sun, protection from the extreme heat and heavy rain, and adds unique dimension and drama to any outside living space.

From wooden overhangs to pergolas, we have dozens of styles of patio covers from which to choose when designing and installing the most stylish upgrades for your backyard area. These integrated designs can beautify your colorado springs custom decks and out-of-door living spaces while also providing better protection from the elements for all-season patio enjoyment.

Patio Covers

The Benefits of Trex

Trex composite decking is the leader in the industry offering only the best looking, longest lasting composite decking available in colorado springs. For the most weather-resistant material, Trex is by far the most effective product for building a high quality deck that will last for years to come.

Trex is both resilient and resistant to extreme weather such as what we have locally, and it maintains its integrity, shape and looks with very little attention given to it annually. That is one of the main reasons that we recommend Trex decking so highly. It can also be a bit cheaper to install than higher maintenance products such as hardwood deck planking.

Trex Installation

Entertain Guests With An Outdoor Kitchen

For the ultimate in out-of-door home recreation, we can create an incredible cooking space in your backyard with a custom outside kitchen and BBQ grill right on your patio or deck. These awesome features can be centered by a fireplace, with oven, gas grill, cupboard space, and surrounding counter space with barstools for drinking and dining. An outdoor kitchen and BBQ can provide the most amazing opportunities for gatherings of all kinds with family and friends on your colorado springs deck or patio enjoying the views in the surrounding areas.

From cooking for a crowd at a family BBQ to providing a romantic special dinner for two overlooking the sunset skies, a custom outside kitchen and BBQ can bring a high level of enjoyment to the homeowner that really enjoys outdoorsy living. These fully functional outside kitchens offer serious cooking opportunities to your family chef. Day or night, they can provide extra bar seating for friends on your colorado springs deck or patio. Just imagine cooking up some steaks or veggies on your personal out of the house kitchen BBQ and you’ll want to leave your old charcoal Weber BBQ behind for the modern convenience and healthy cuisine that only a custom gas outside kitchen can provide.

Outdoor Kitchens

Add Warmth to Your Outdoor Space with a Custom Fire Pit

A fire pit brings the element of fire into your colorado springs deck, yard, garden, or patio and can really add elegance and warmth to your home outside experience. Using exceptional materials such as stone, brick, concrete, and colored rock, we have the experience and techniques needed to install gorgeous out of the house gas fire pits in your backyard that is both safe and up-to-code. And there are so many styles, sizes, choices of materials, and colors to choose from to accessorize with your home and yard design.

Our expert fire pit team has designed and installed hundreds of fire features in out-of-door spaces for our customers across Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. A fire pit can be inset into your colorado springs deck or concrete patio design or freestanding in the yard with safe and proper installation. Just imagine gathering around the fire pit during the holidays in the snow or for that Fourth of July celebration in your own backyard. With one of our fabulous fire pits in your yard entertainment space, you’ll feel like you are on a glamping trip or at a high-end resort while spending time with your pals during weekend parties on your colorado springs deck or patio.

Fire Pits

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Yard with an Outdoor Fireplace

When an outdoor fire pit is too small for your tastes, Creative Outdoor Living can design and install an exquisite outside fireplace for that full-fire feeling centered in your outdoor entertainment area. Using techniques and materials such as stone dry stacking, bricklaying, and forming concrete, we can help you envision both functional and fashionable fireplaces to warm up your patio for your party. Like a fire pit, a fireplace provides both warmth and light for those special out-of-door evenings all year round. out-of-door

Unlike a fire pit, a patio fireplace can be sized from small to large and everything in between. Usually running on propane gas, these features are both very safe and highly functional. An outside fire pit can bring a festive and warm vibe to everything from the simplest of evenings to the grandest event at your home. A fireplace will make your backyard feel like a 5-star hotel to you and your guests.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Enjoy the Benefits of the Outdoors Year Round with a Sunroom

Sunrooms are a wonderful way to enclose patios or add a place for quiet contemplation and time for afternoon tea in your home. When either remodeled from an existing space or created from lot area and added onto the house, a sunroom essentially adds valuable square footage into your home while offering a warm and cozy place for napping, working, or playing. Using decorative and insulated windows, a sunroom creates warmth during the winter and cool shade in the summer when installed purposefully for all seasons.

Features such as skylight windows, doors opening to the patio, blinds for shade, ceiling fans to encourage the breeze, and high-end tile can make a sunroom useful as an office, game room, greenhouse, meditation or yoga room, or reading lounge. A sunroom can also be used as a guest bedroom when a day bed or futon is placed inside. Our sunroom designs are both functional and lovely. Our family owned business can show you how many wonderful options we have for installing a one in your home in Colorado Springs, CO.

Sunroom Installation
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Whether you are looking for a full custom colorado springs deck or patio installation, a pergola, fire pit, or sunroom, Creative Outdoor Living has a solution for you. Our expert design team can recommend ideas based on your preferences as well as show you modern or popular trends for a colorado springs deck, patio, and available accessories. It is our mission to always install the most superior materials so that your costs are weather-resistant and affordable.

We have never been the cheapest company to hire. Yet, we firmly believe that you always “get what you pay for” when it comes to hiring a company to design and install the best outdoor living home features. Where other contractors might scrimp or cut corners on materials and installation techniques, we at Creative Outdoor Living are a family owned business and promise to always meet and exceed code regulations with each and every colorado springs deck and patio installation. And that means that no matter what the weather is like from year to year, your colorado springs deck builders accessories will always stand the test of time.

Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation consultation and free estimate. Let us turn your colorado springs deck or patio into a showplace. We are excited to show you why we are considered the leader in patio and deck installations in the Colorado Springs area. Reach out to us today and we’ll get you started on creating the dream backyard that you envision in only your grandest fantasies.

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Project Gallery

Our picture gallery includes photos of our myriad patio, deck, and accessory installations. As you peruse through the photos, take some time to note the kinds of features that you might enjoy, the materials that really express your style, and the sizes, shapes, and the things you love about what we at Creative Outdoor Living have created over the years. Our photos of the successful design and installation of hundreds of outdoor living home features are meant to educate and inspire you on all the ways we can help you to create the perfect outdoor recreation areas for your home and garden.

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